Aspara Tracking offers GPS Tracking Devices for your vehicle. The perfect solution that has been pre-configured to offer a GPS tracking device that works in unity with our cutting edge, state of the art tracking platform that is intuitive and easy operate.

Aspara Tracking works with all devices, smartphones, tablets and PC’s and makes locating a vehicle simple. The results are offered in real time with any geographical location, anywhere in the world.

Whether you have a van, bus, boat, motorcycle or truck we have the perfect tracking device for you, from a single vehicle to a nationwide fleet – we have a solution for you. If you are looking for a reliable and robust vehicle tracking solution in the UK, Aspara Tracking has the perfect solution.

Put the power of GPS Tracking to work for your business. Track your vehicles real time, monitor driver behaviour and miles driven using our easy-to-use GPS Tracking platform with detailed mileage reports to help you increase productivity.

Cost effective GPS Tracking

Aspara Tracking offers effective & smart GPS trackers packed with everything you need to start tracking your vehicle. GPS Tracking bundles include a data sim card and 1-year vehicle tracking platform subscription set-up to get you started faster than ever. Simple GPS solutions for car, motorbike and van tracking.

Track on Smartphone or PC

Locate your vehicle real-time, anywhere on the planet using GPS software on PC, tablet and smartphones. Each subscription to the cloud tracking platform is included within your annual payment. Aspara Track Mobile version displays live location updated every few seconds.

Advanced GPS Trackers

For businesses with vehicle fleets, our advanced GPS tracking devices offer both GPS & GLONASS satellite connections and feature functions such as remote immobilisation, fuel level sensor, driver identification, system alerts, detailed usage reports (pdf document), driver behaviour management and much more.

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